I, the undersigned owner of the admitted patient(s) hereby authorize the veterinarians on staff(and whomever they may designate as assistants) to evaluate and administer treatments and additional procedures that are considered therapeutic and/or diagnostically necessary, to my pet(s), based on the findings during the examination. I also consent and authorize the staff veterinarian to diagnose, receive, prescribe, or treat with conventional medicine and/or holistic medication, homeopathic medicine, administer laser, electroacupuncture, needle acupuncture, magnetic field therapy, healing, chiropractic adjustment, and/or surgery on my pet(s). I acknowledge that the veterinarians currently employ alternative health care practices in this veterinary medical hospital. Homeopathy is not currently a recognized modality by the AVMA. The AVMA recommends that judgment be withheld regarding its suitability until more research has been conducted on animals. The recommendation of the AVMA is that the public should be informed in advance by the practitioner that homeopathy is considered an unconventional form of veterinary practice. Veterinary homeopathy techniques should be practiced only by a licensed veterinarian. I understand that Integrative Vet Hospital - Vegas Valley Location will use all reasonable precautions against injury, escape, or destruction of my pet(s), but I will not hold any veterinary assistant liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever, or the Integrative Vet Hospital - Vegas Valley Location, for any circumstances on account of treatment, care, or safekeeping of my pet(s). I acknowledge that no guarantees or assurances have been or will be made to me as to the result of the examination or treatment atIntegrative Vet Hospital - Vegas Valley Location. Should any animal be left or abandoned at the hospital, a written notice will be mailed to the owner for the removal of the abandoned pet(s).10 days after such written notice, the animal(s) will be considered abandoned and maybe found a new home as the Integrative Vet Hospital - Vegas Valley Location deems best. It is understood that doing so does not relieve me from paying all costs related to boarding and services rendered to keep the pet(s) in a healthy condition. Any animal remaining at Integrative Vet Hospital - Vegas Valley Location after business hours will not receive 24-hr veterinary supervised care. I hereby certify that I have read, fully understand, and agree to the above statements. I authorize medical and/or surgical treatment of my pet(s). I assume financial responsibility for all charges incurred to the patient(s). I consent to the release of my pet’s medical information and authorize direct payment to Integrative Vet Hospital - Vegas Valley Location.


Animals remaining hospitalized after regular office hours will be unattended by a veterinarian or veterinary technician.
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