Welcome to Integrative Vet Hospital - Vegas Valley Location

At Integrative Vet Hospital - Vegas Valley Location, holistic and conventional medicines and treatments are used to establish optimal health for your pet.

Your initial visit will consist of a two-fold examination: one conventional and another holistic in nature.

The Conventional Examination includes checking your pet’s temperature, heart rate, pulse rate, auscultation of the heart and lungs, palpation of the lymph nodes, palpation of the abdominal organs, palpation of the external anal glands, checking the eyes, nose, teeth, weight, mucous membrane color, and confirmation of stance.

The Holistic Examination consists of examining the femoral pulses, observing the tongue and mouth, motion palpation of all joints and the spine, and examining for “hot” and “cold” energy areas of blockage on the body.

Your pet's past history records and current health condition will be reviewed along with nutrition, home care, and life changes.

The Veterinarian will inform you of their findings and recommend corrective techniques or procedures to realign the spine, adjust subluxations, and correct any energy deficits to balance the energy flow along the acupuncture meridians, as well as to balance the healing energy of the body. *The exam fee does not include corrective treatments.*

All procedures of correction are additional charges which will be added to your initial exam fee. These may include treatments such as lab work, radiographs, acupuncture, ultrasonography, or a surgical procedure. If you would like an estimate of assumed charges, please ASK a member of our team prior to proceeding with treatment.

I understand that a one time $40 scheduling fee will be collected at the time of scheduling my pet’s appointment. This fee is non-refundable regardless of my canceling ahead of time. I authorize the staff at Integrative Vet Hospital - Vegas Valley Location to collect this fee from me prior to scheduling my pet’s appointment.

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